Featured ARTIST

Every month our Guild selects three of their global members to be highlighted in our Featured Artist Gallery.  We represent Artisans from all over the globe and want to share their creatives works with the whole world.  These talented artists are this month featured members and you can view their biography and  portfolio when you click on their link below.

Tessa Maagdenberg

Tessa Maagdenberg is a visual artist with great fascination for the painting process. She looks for the ultimate composition of design, shapes and brushstrokes, but finds the process of trial and error and making the right choices more important than the end result.


Clayton Jensen believes strongly that because he doesn’t know how many days he has he wants to use each one of them to help make this world a better place.

Shen Daughtry

Shen Daughtry is a graphic designer who enjoys bringing small businesses and brand’s visions to life.